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Public Relations

PR facilitates communication between GSC and the University community. As a new position on the GSC Board, I am working towards building a foundation to work with - my ultimate goal is to develop a marketing strategy to use in the future. I am testing out many new and exciting things this year! For example, trying out MailChimp for the weekly newsletters for the GSC Review, focusing on adding content to our GSC website, and moving towards our OrgSync Page as a primary point of information. If you are just as enthusiastic as me about publicizing GSC as an organization and using various methods (via social media, website design, promotional and informational item giveaways, etc.) to do so, please see below about the current subcommittees that I have created for the 2016 - 2017 school year. No experience is necessary, but anyone who pays attention to detail and has experience in creating websites or using source code will be very helpful!!

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Website Content - This committee will be responsible for updating content for our online presence (including the GSC website, maintaining Org sync profile, and our FB/Twitter/IG page).

Weekly Newsletter - This committee will help organize the content and filter news and events on campus and around Cleveland relevant for the week of the GSC newsletter (currently testing MailChimp).

GSC Branding - This committee will work on publicizing the organization and its purpose to all graduate students.

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